New Leagues Offered

The Capital Curling Club is organizing leagues for the upcoming season.  Due to the overwhelming interest in recent years, we have expanded our league options to include a league on Tuesday afternoon at 4:20, a Sunday league at 3:00 and a Sunday league at 6:00, as long as the minimum amount of teams is met for each league.  We are offering ½ season curling on these leagues ONLY with the early season starting in late October and the late season starting after the holidays and continuing into March. The Friday Drop-in League will remain unchanged.

Registration is open in our new leagues (the three leagues at the bottom of the drop down menu), there are no Grandfathered teams and we will accept teams into those leagues by filling out the attached registration form for “Non-Grandfathered” teams.  Any openings that remain after this pre-registration process will be filled at the registration meeting.  We will fill any vacancies that remain after Registration meeting on a first come, first serve basis. 

Grandfathered Teams: Registration begins now; Ends Wednesday, October 1 at 5:00 pm

Grandfathered Teams registration beginning NOW. This is different than previous years and concerns only teams returning to their last year's league only. All other registrations will be at the registration meeting on Thursday, Oct. 2nd at 7:00 PM in the upstairs club room. Grandfathered teams must use this process to secure a spot in their league. The deadline for registration is Wednesday October 1st, at 5:00 PM.  Any registrations not received by that time will mean that the team has to register at the meeting and that they have forfeited their grandfather rights. "Grandfathered" teams are all teams returning to their last season spot on Mon. - Thurs Early and Late leagues and Thursday 4:20 League. 

By using this process, all Grandfathered teams will be registered before the registration meeting showing what vacancies exist before registration night so any open leagues can be filled.  By using this process, you will not have to come to the registration meeting. 

Use the form below to register.  A sponsor or personal check can be used to secure the spot.  Personal checks can be held until a sponsor check is received.  The form gives instructions on where to send the check. 

If your team desires to move to another league, it is recommended that you register on your grandfathered league first.  There is a place on the form where you can indicate that you are interested in moving into an open league and that you are only holding a spot on your previous league.  If you are successful in obtaining a spot in another league you will be released from your last year’s league.   If you are not moving, but only looking for another night to curl, you must register for the new league at the registration meeting. 


Roger Smith             

Scott Collins              

New Teams or Individuals 

We allow teams that have curled in our traditional leagues (Mon.-Thur. at 6:20 and 8:30, and Thur. at 4:20) last year the first chance to register into their same league this year.  Those teams, referred to as “Grandfathered” teams will have until October 1 to register.  Open registration night is Thursday October 2nd, at 7:00 PM in the upstairs of the curling club.  Non-Grandfathered teams will have the opportunity to apply for admittance into any open traditional league.  We use a set of Grandfather Rules to determine what team(s) have priority in our established leagues.  If no priority can be determined we use a coin toss to determine entry. 

Roger Smith (contact info above) is keeping a list of individuals that are interested in curling but are not on a team. Our goal will be to fill teams that are short with those individuals.  Please contact Roger and attend the registration meeting. 

There may be openings in our traditional Thursday 8:40 and you can express your interest in that league on the form.  You can apply for any openings on any of our traditional leagues at the Registration meeting.  Any teams registering on any of the three new leagues using this form before the October 2nd Registration meeting will get priority over teams at the registration meeting.

Learn-to-Curl: October 12, 13 and 14 

Classes will be held from 7:00 to approximately 9:00.  The cost is $10/person for curling instruction by certified instructors. Please bring a clean pair of tennis shoes (not worn outside) and workout type pants. Curling is on ice so dress appropriately :-)


No Boundaries Junior Camp and Spiel: October 16 - 19


Early Bird Spiel: October 24 - 26
Early Bird Bonspiel


Leagues Begin: Wednesday, October 22

Capital Curling Club
Learn to Curl

The Capital Curling Club in Bismarck, North Dakota, will again host a junior bonspiel and competitive curling camp October 17-19, 2014 which coincides with Teachers’ Convention in North Dakota and Minnesota.

Capital Curling Club
This the first Bonspiel of the year. So knock the cobwebs off your broom and come on out.

Annual Club Spiel & Green Spiel hosted by Capital Curling Club

Long-time Capital Curling Club member Jon Mielke to be inducted into United State Curling Association Hall of Fame in November of 2013. See the full article below